Volunteer Mobile Missionaries

Travel. Serve. Fellowship.



Kerry Cameron - (541) 325-2545 / Judy Cameron - (541) 325-2544

Jim leasure - (541) 974-7681 / Tim bramblet - (541) 690-7641




Our mission as Volunteer Mobile Missionaries is:

  • To promote the Kingdom of God, assisting Christian organizations, missionaries, and pastors through the organized teamwork of concerned volunteers giving physical assistance in construction, remodeling, repair, or any other services as determined appropriate by the Board of Directors. 
  • To work harmoniously together under the leadership of the Board of Directors. 

  • To promote and participate in Christian fellowship among members of VMM as well as persons or groups we assist.

  • To grow in spiritual maturity according to the word of God.

  • To give all the praise and honor to God